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Scan your website for security flaws: As easy as 1, 2, free!

Help us build a safer web with Positive Technologies BlackBox Scanner. Get protected and join our global threat-intelligence community. Simply enter a URL and trigger a fast, free vulnerability scan. Even behind NAT!


We’re making AppSec simpler and free for all. Be part of it.

Join the beta testing for PT BlackBox Scanner, our free cloud-based AppSec tool. Send your feedback to feedback.bbs@ptsecurity.com

It’s the simple, secure, and accurate way to uncover flaws in any website, including those behind NAT.

Our servers take the strain. You get detailed reports, including tips on fixing the issues we find.

Need more reasons to join the beta testing for PT BlackBox Scanner? We've got plenty:

It’s Free

We want to make the web safer, so we are letting everyone benefit from PT BlackBox Scanner for free. It’s based on the same innovative technologies as our highly-regarded PT Application Firewall and PT Application Inspector, the result of years of research and practical pentesting. Now we’re sharing that experience with the world!

It’s Simple

We’ve worked hard to make PT BlackBox Scanner quick and easy to use. Enter the website address below and click SCAN. There’s a simple registration process and then the free website security scan begins, even if your website is behind NAT. You’ll soon have a set of clear and easy-to-understand results.

It’s Accurate

We’ve optimized PT BlackBox Scanner for speed and detection rates. It’s built on our proven AppSec technologies that have already uncovered many confirmed vulnerabilities in websites of all kinds, including web services and CMS, allowing the site owners to improve their protection. Try it and see for yourself.

It’s Universal

Our free vulnerability scanner is for everyone, whether they own one website or 100. It’s also the perfect tool for professionals offering penetration testing services.

It’s Safe

We’ve taken steps to prevent illegal use. Users download a lightweight, open-source program that tunnels all requests through the user’s machine, even though our servers carry the load. Alternatively, they place a confirmation file in the root directory to prove they own the website.

It’s from Positive Technologies

We are a leading global provider of enterprise security solutions. Our commitment to research and our clients has earned us a reputation as one of the foremost authorities on ICS, Banking, Telecom, Web Application, and ERP security. Who better to trust with the security of your web applications? Read more about us